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Options trading and analysis seminar

Our Options seminar consists in four sessions of two hours. Sessions are online using the gotoseminar platform, allowing access by computer, tablet or smartphone.

Our Ninjatrader plugin is given for free! a 300 dollars value!

At the end of each day links to access the recordings of each session will be sent

Assistants of our options seminar have the right to assist to any future editions of it (subject to vacancy)

Seminar Topics

Day 1. Introduction to options

Option basics. Definition, clasification, uses, leverage.

Options value. Determinants, valuation, call-put parity, options parameters.

Volatility. Historical vs implied volatility, calculation methods and use, Volatiliy smile and its uses, volatility cones.

The greeks. what are they and how to use them. And extensive insight on how to gain and edge with the use of the greeks.

Day 2. Option strategies

Posible underlyings

Saddle methods. what it is, and how to use it to get and edge in trading options and strategies.

Risk curve analysis and how to implement it to analyze positions no matter the complexity

Basic trades. Buy / sell calls, buy /sell puts, naked selling.

Strategies. Clasification, covered calls, married puts.

Vertical strategies. Bull and bear spreads.

Delta neutral strategies. Long and short straddles, ratios and back spread ratios.

Lateral strategies. Long and short Butterfly, Long and short condor.

Introducing calendar spreads.

Special attention will be given to the differents scenarios when each strategy should be use, form and trade.

Day 3 . Applied Option strategies

PROVEST Method. what it is, and how to use it to select the best strategy and how to make it profitable.

Previous Analysis. Looking at the charts and select the best strategy and options contracts.

Analyzing the historical and implied volatility as well as the volatility smile to find arbitrage possibilities to improve our strategy.

Using advanced risk curve analysis before, during and in the closing moments.

And overview of real strategies traded with this method.

Using NinjaTrader and our plugin to analyze positions.

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Options trading



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